Pandemic & Home

Pandemic & Home


As photographers, we know the story we’re trying to tell but the pandemic came with a lot of otherwise. The changes that we went through in this drive to live out life with a crippling sense of normal left us paralysed off human connection. Reconnecting to this lost signal, our students captured visuals from their homes into the pixels of a photograph. To express their sentiments over a distorted reality, to portray their experiences on lockdowns and the pandemic.  Death grazed us all, some deeper than others. Food shortages, financial troubles, drug hunts, and so many other stark changes. The virus not only infected our bodies but forced us to mutate our lives around it. For students, these accommodations with the online world left us locked up in rooms, ears extended to the speakers of our phones. Using these concrete commodities at the curfew of stepping out, the photo-stories by our students take you to abstract and unfiltered emotions.

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